Think global, act local

Besteno is currently in hiatus. It's proven that the business model works, proven that the technology solution works and proven that there is a market. However, it needed to be cheaper to maintain and scale and so it's currently offline while we develop more efficient algorithms

Find The Best

Besteno was created to help all of us find the best of anything in the world, wherever we are.


Besteno works with where you are and helps you find the best near to your current location


Besteno responds with specific answers to your questions. Information relates exactly to the question proposed. Adverts were designed to be useful rather than superfluous, based on highly-targetted algorithms (from what you're looking for, not who you are - although we may allow that in future).


Besteno allows you to ask questions of your friends and see what they respond with. You can compare the responses from your friends with that of the general public.


At its peak, Besteno provided 37 million pages and was growing customer engagement 300% per month.


Besteno was designed to be democratic. Content is provided by users (i.e. you, the public) and moderated to remove profanity, etc. Unlike sites with a similar aim, Besteno has no curation of content.


Besteno is both global and hyper-local. It allows you to look for the best item in the world, e.g. best guitar in the world, but also allows you to look for the best gastro-pub in your district. It caters for every city in the world and even down to the level of a town/suburb with a population over 15,000. In some cities, the districts were smaller than that.